New emissions regulations are coming into force on 3rd January 2012 for the London Emissions Zone (LEZ). The new emissions regulations affect trucks over 1.25 tonne unladen and mini buses with 8+ seats (Euro III PM Standard) and a tougher regulation for trucks over 3.5 tonne (Euro IV PM Standard).

Daily charges of up to £200, possible fines of £1000!

Options to avoid these daily charges include; purchasing a replacement compliant vehicle; reorganising the fleet outside of LEZ; giving the business to a compliant operator or alternatively by taking advantage of Vehicle Technology Solutions' (VTS) retrofitting services. VTS is an appointed reseller and fitter of a wide range of approved exhaust emission systems, and because we are independent we offer the right system for your vehicle.

Does the LEZ affect you?

As a guide, vehicles over 3.5 tonne that were registered as new before 1st October 2006 will need immediate action to comply with the new regulations in January 2012. Smaller vehicles (trucks over 1.25 tonne or minbuses with 8+ seats for example) may also be affected.

Use our Vehicle Checker now to find out if your vehicle complies with the new regulations.